Stainless steel surface treatment open to the public

Stainless steel surface treatment.

Stainless steel surface can be treated in a variety of methods. Listed as follows are the most common SUS 304 stainless steel surface treatments adopted by YJ Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.


Stainless steel surface treatment:2B stainless steel sheets

2B stainless steel sheets have a matte finish, which involved the processes of cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling and finish rolling to yield a bright stainless steel surface after the treatments. 2B stainless steel sheets are widely used on the market because they are cheaper than other general metal sheets, and are commonly used by YJ in the inner buckets of stainless steel bins or inner lining of customized products because they will not affect the overall appearance of stainless steel products.


Stainless steel surface treatment:HL stainless steel sheets

HL stainless steel sheets have a satin finish, which involved the processes of cold rolling, surface polishing with an appropriate grit size to yield an apparent continuous hairline finish. HL stainless steel sheets are more attractive than 2B stainless steel sheets, with a good texture, wear resistance and able to conceal surface scratches, more durable and other features. HL satin-finished stainless steel sheets are widely used by YJ in trash bins, trolleys, customized stainless steel products, etc.


Stainless steel surface treatment:BA stainless steel sheets

BA stainless steel sheets have a glossily finish, which involved the processes of cold rolling, bright annealing and flattening to yield a smooth and luster surface. Such materials are commonly seen in general kitchenware, household electrical appliances, decorations, etc. These BA stainless steel sheets are widely used by YJ in stainless steel sinks, letterboxes, fences, tables, chairs and other products that require a decorative surface effect.


Stainless steel surface treatment:Mirrored stainless steel sheets

Mirrored stainless steel sheets have a mirror finish, which involved the processes of cold rolling and an appropriate polishing to yield a surface with a mirror appearance. With an excellent reflection effect, they are commonly used in decorative stainless steel products, such as building decorations, elevators, escalators, signboards, flower vases, etc. YJ also accepts customized orders to produce stainless steel products in mirrored stainless steel sheets.


The principle and guarantee of stainless steel

For a factory which dedicates to professional manufacturing of stainless steel trash bins and all kinds of stainless steel products, it needs to meet and satisfy various customer requirements, complete the products and successfully deliver them to the hands of customers. While undertaking any cases, we must get in touch with different departments of our clients, including the Application Department, Procurement Department, Maintenance & Cleaning Department, etc.


As each department has its different needs, we must overcome every problem and meet all requirements during the undertaking process. Take the Procurement Department for example, we must satisfy its pricing needs on relevant stainless steel products and naturally offer it with best prices and products of best quality. The Application Department’s personnel must understand the functional features of the stainless steel products before we can offer them with excessive functions out of their imagination. In the case of delivery process, we have encountered customers who did not state their requirements clearly in advance but request them before shipment (such as extra stainless steel accessories, work pieces, working tables’ reinforcement, etc.).

Based on the principle of customer first, we will try our best to supplement their needs to achieve smooth delivery. Lastly, to meet the requirements of the Maintenance & Cleaning Department’s personnel, we will teach them with professional stainless steel knowledge and correct maintenance and application methods on relevant stainless steel products, such as trolleys, cleaning kits, etc. The aim is to avoid damages and extra maintenance cost complaints caused by improper uses and maintenance.