Stainless steel product quality differences

quality differences of stainless steel product

Everyone would boost how good their products are, but how good are they? Not everyone can answer that! Not only do YJ products provided with one year warranty, but a material certification as well. The main material used is stainless steel #304. Some customers might have changed to purchase products from other producers because of price considerations, but we often hear the returned customers say that: “There is no doubt that YJ products have a better texture and are more durable.” We would like to express our gratitude for great support from custom-made stainless steel products to allow YJ to thrive over the past 30 years!


We have been asked by customers the price differences between YJ products and those products found on the Internet since they look exactly the same in terms of appearances and sizes? There is a saying that “you get what you pay for.” Although those products look the same, but they are produced differently. For products manufactured with a cheaper production cost, they would probably result in relatively poorer durability.


Take the trash bin model YJ-710A of dimensions 30x25x60(H)cm produced by YT for example. By just looking at the two pictures of similar design found on the Internet provided by a customer, you can find obvious differences!

The top fringe of the competitor’s product has a thin structure with a visual height of about 1cm, as compared with 3cm high produced by YJ.

Appearance: The competitor’s product looks monotonous; whereas, YJ product has a bright top fringe and a satin-finished barrel to give a layering effect.

Warranty: The competitor’s product has no warranty; whereas, YJ product is provided with one year warranty.

YJ’s product is conducted with the most stringent quality control

1.Welding YJ’s quality: The welding interval is shorter to enhance greater strength and stability. Competitor’s quality: The welding interval is further apart to result in weaker strength.


2.Safety folded edge YJ’s product: Has a safety folded edge. The multiple processes give a sense of high safety to users. Competitor’s product: An energy-saving process without a safety folded edge, but users have to bear a greater chance of being cut.


3.Reinforcement YJ’s product: A strengthened reinforcement behind the door to improve the product structure and durability. Competitor’s product: The product tends to damage easily due to an energy-saving process without a reinforcement structure.


4.Burr edge treatment YJ’s product: The burr edges of every piece of JY’s product are treated wisely to enhance quality and safety, and avoid users from being cut by sharp edges.


5.Interior welding of round bucket YJ accepts buyer requirements to weld the entire seam of round bucket to prevent water leakage.


6.Grinding YJ adopts a multi-grinding process on the welding spots by polishing them to yield a smooth and bright surface to conceal the welding spots.