Stainless steel trash wisdom

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Trash Bin Materials


Stainless steel trash bins are conformed to the nine major indicators of green buildings meeting the quality standards to use indoor and outdoor, and are healthy and environmentally friendliness. Stainless steel trash bins are regarded as ecological building materials that generate less wastes, as well as recycled building materials. They are ideal to use in gathering garbage to improve wastewater and garbage treatments, and collect kitchen wastes to use in generating compost.


As stainless steel sheets are incombustible materials, therefore, stainless steel trash bins are able to avoid fire hazards if they happened to be thrown in with burning objects.


Stainless steel trash bins can be used to perform garbage classification effectively to avoid bacterial breeding and are easy to clean.


Stainless steel trash bins have a long service life and ideal to use indoor and outdoor as they are relatively unbreakable, and resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion and high temperature.


The good ductility of stainless steel sheets are ideal to make trash bins in accordance with different needs, dimensions, environmental conditions, designs, applications, etc.