Public trash Can | Beauty and Sadness

The beauty and sorrow of public trash cans


The beauty of public trash cans

The quality of public trash cans is closely associated with the progress of a city. A well-known French architect said: “If you visit an unfamiliar city and use the outdoor public trash can. You don’t feel the trash can disgusting and throw the trash with your hand from a distance away but walk near the trash can and place the rubbish in it affectionately, and can’t help but turning your head to appreciate the aesthetic of the trash can reluctantly. Then you can tell yourself that you have come to a progressive city.”


The existence significance of public trash cans

The function of the public trash cans is not just to throw rubbish only, but also represents the image of a city street. Take Taiwan for example, the number of public trash cans is generally less than that of the advanced foreign cities, and you even have to walk quite a distance among the busy urban rods before you can spot one or two, not to mention the classification trash cans, there is none at all.

The existence of public trash cans is to facilitate the public to discard trash generated while walking. As for the rubbish in cars and the general household rubbish, they are not supposed to be thrown away. But in Taipei City, under the policy of “Pay-As-You-Throw” implemented by New Taipei City, some public would skip buying the dedicated trash bags to save money and willing to take the risk by secretly throwing household rubbish the public trash cans. The phenomenon is especially obvious during the holidays to see an explosive amount of rubbish, and dirty and chaotic scene.


The sorrow of public trash cans

Other than household rubbish, some public even discard kitchen waste the public trash cans. Not only will the stench and bacteria generated by the kitchen waste bring problems to the cleaning personnel, but also cause poor public perception. This is probably why anti-deodorant stainless steel material is chosen to use in most public trash cans. Not only stainless steel trash cans are strong and durable, but they can be cleaned directly when contaminated with filth and rubbish fluid to effectively reduce the problem of bacterial growth.


Viewing cultural standards through public trash cans

Public trash cans are not just trash cans, but also represent the image of a city. The sceneries of a beautiful city are always praised by people, but people’s impression of the city will be greatly reduced upon seeing the dirty streets. No matter how prosperous the city is, we should also cherish our public trash cans. Finally, I hope everybody would handle the public trash cans with care, and let’s maintain the beautiful urban street image to allow our city to be praised as “a progressive city” by other people.