30th anniversary of the movie side shot image

It is close to the 30th anniversary for YJ Stainless Steel in the spring of 2013. To celebrate this special day, YJ stainless invited David Barker, a new director from Canada, to shoot a short public relations video. First, let us introduce who he is. David Barker has established himself in Taiwan and speaks fluent Chinese. He set up his own company, PIXEL DEEP, in Taipei, and the company specializes in photography and video case. His works are much admired, and he is very cordial. Thus, he has a growing reputation, and one can see David Barker’s work in all major fashionable platforms.


The location of this video shoot is inside the factory of YJ Stinless. Much professional equipment at work is included in the video, giving a very textural feel to it. We believe that everyone will find it refreshing.


There are some side shot highlights from this shooting shown below.