Community Building Stainless Steel Related Facilities

Community building of stainless steel related facilities


A community building uses a wide range of stainless steel products everywhere, starting from the construction stage to completion, and during the commencing period. They include a logo at the exterior building; door frames, bicycle racks, disabled handrails and no parking barricades at the exterior building; mailboxes at the front gate; induction seats, umbrella rack, umbrella stand, poster stands and telescopic fence posts in the hall; kitchen bins and trash bins at the resource recycling yard, etc.


Case sharing:

The old residential community tends to create lots of dilapidated mailboxes that are either without a door or a damaged push flap on the ion slot. So I was asked by the customer to take measurement to reconstruct the entire stainless steel mailboxes.


That large community has a total of more than 500 mailboxes, including as many as 150 mailboxes on a wall. As the size of the overall wall-mounted mailboxes is too large, so it is important to take the sheet metal physical limitations and community circulation consideration. In addition, as some mailboxes are placed outside the building, so a flap has to be added on the ion slot of these mailboxes to prevent rainwater from wetting the letters during heavy rain.。


Prior to installation, the wall material has to be taken account to avoid damaging the wall during the installation process. These are small construction details and precautions that need to be discussed with the customer in advance.




Achievement photos:

The multi-compartment mailboxes in a variety of designs requested by the nearly completion community building.

(1)Door opening type: Left opening, right opening, top-lifting and down-lifting types.

(2)Door lock: Induction lock, key lock, password lock.

(3)ion slot: With or without a push flap.

(4)Appearance: Enameling, titanium plating, lamination.




Planning proposal:

1.The outdoor bicycle racks, disabled handrails, no parking barricades




2.The umbrella rack and umbrella stand at the front gate for visitors



3.The trash bin, poster stands and telescopic fence posts for the hall and reception center.



4.The trash bins and towel paper dispenser at the hall and reception center’s toilet




5.The kitchen bins and recycling bins at the resource recycling yard