Kitchen sink size

YJ Stainless offers a comprehensive range of standard and flexible customized stainless steel sink sizes


Kitchen sink style

Stainless steel sink size: Check the installation space before deciding the size of the sink; and choose single-trough or multi-trough sink designs according to your preferences.


  • ・Double-trough stainless steel sink

Multipurpose to favor more efficient applications in the kitchen – allows you to wash tableware in one trough and clean vegetables and fruits on the other trough separately. While using it in laundry, you may wash and soak the clothing in separate troughs to yield better performance.

  • ・Single-trough stainless steel sink

Simple design, space-saving and easy to place with a grid rack on the top. It is suitable for the general family.


For schools, factories and restaurants: Multi-trough stainless steel sink should be considered in priority, where the size and style has to be decided according to the traffic flow and space layout of the site.


Customization process to produce a stainless steel sink by YJ Stainless

Example: YJ Stainless will initially provide a simple design drawing and dimensions → make amendments according to actual needs → listen to customer preferences and habits → the Marketing Department will provide the customer with the following options: overall structure, stainless steel in glossily/sandblasted/matte surface finish, sheet thickness → finalize the stainless steel sink design and size that best suited to the customer needs.


Standard sketch designs (stainless steel sink dimensions) - application process

  1. 1.Customer sending the design drawing via e-mail or fax to the company.
  2. 2.The company offering the quotation after confirming the relevant information of the drawing.
  3. 3.Starting the production after confirming the order, and delivering the finished product to the designated location.
Simple sketches → sink dimensions → material thickness → YJ Stainless offers quotation → confirm production → quality acceptance and shipment

Precautions on the quality of stainless steel sink

  • ・Stainless steel material 
Choose stainless steel #304 with better corrosion resistance property. Choose stainless steel #316 with better acid and alkali resistance properties if you want to clean chemical products.
  • ・Stainless steel thickness
Thin stainless steel sheet tends to become dented over time. It is recommended to use 1.0mm-thick sheet for the countertop, and 1.2mm-thick sheet for the trough.
  • ・Surface finish
Among glossily, sandblasted and matte surface finishes, sandblasted version is highly preferred due to easy maintenance. Most importantly, it is advised to authentic Made in Taiwan (MIT) products manufactured by reputed manufacturers that offer good quality and complete after-sales service to safeguard your rights and interests.