How to high quality wafer frame and why wafer ring are so important


Wafer Frame/Wafer Ring

Wafer Frame, also known as Wafer Ring, Wafer Ring, main purpose:
The stainless steel iron ring for semiconductor is used to hold the outer frame for fixing the wafer during wafer cutting and polishing, and is attached with a film to prevent the wafer from slipping off during cutting and grinding. The non-disposable product is cleaned. Can be used repeatedly.
Wafer frame produced by YJ Stainless
Sizes are: 6", 8", 12"
Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm
Material: 420J2 stainless steel (hot rail), surface treatment: bright surface, matte surface can be made
Valet cleaning frame service and mine bar code, number, date service are also available.
Specification of wafer ring frame
Its use is as follows:
Original unused state
After attaching the film to facilitate wafer loading

The actual use of the wafer

Wafer ring frame information

Why do people like to purchase wafer frames from YJ?


It is because YJ focuses on four key factors of price, quality, delivery, and service.



Why are our wafer frame prices reasonable and competitive?


YJ has been focusing on manufacturing stainless steel related products and coordinating with long-term suppliers for a wide range of raw materials for more than 30 years. The number of customers we have accumulated over the years can naturally give us more advantageous prices about procurement. YJ manufactures products with a large number of automated equipment to reduce errors and poor quality caused by manual production. Lower manufacturing costs have made us believe that we stand a greater chance to help customers reduce procurement costs.



Delivery and services of wafer frame/ring


How does YJ solve the customer problems of wafer frames? Based on our experience, each customer has his problems. Now, lets talk about how YJ solves customer problems.


Wafer frame, also known as the iron ring, is a frame used to fix the wafer during wafer cutting and prevent the wafer from wobbling arbitrarily. It can also avoid the wrinkled tape from colliding with the chips after cutting and favor the wafer to be transported conveniently.


Firstly, whenever a new customer inquiry about the price, we will first understand the customers needs. Even if the intention of some dealers is merely to compare prices and seek for a cheaper supplier, we will recommend the YJs solution, quotation, and product samples for them to test after we have fully understood the customers problems. As YJ has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel products, we are confident about the material features and production details.


There was once a customer who responded that his original suppliers products were too slippery, causing the machine unable to grip the wafers properly. After understanding the cause, we created an exclusive product for the customer to solve his problem. Even if the customers order is small, we still feel glad to solve the customer problems.


There was also a Southeast Asian customer who reflected that the wafer frames provided by his original supplier had a tape loosening phenomenon. That was a severe issue for the customer as he manufactures very high-quality and precision products.


After realizing that many of his wafer frames did not have consistent shapes and sizes, we proposed a professional plan to improve the shapes, dimensions and surface treatment of the wafer frames. After several tests, we solved his problem and stabilized the production line.


YJ has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing the wafer frames and made hard efforts to improve the production processes. Currently, YJ has three automated production lines with a production capacity of 300,000 standard products monthly. We will continue to install more equipment to cut labor cost and stabilize the quality significantly.


The wafer frames manufactured by YJ will undergo regular tests and standard inspection procedures, regardless of flatness, dimensions, hardness, etc. We also learn from customers at the same time. Some customers have asked us to provide the test data for the production of CPK.


Honestly, we did not know what CPK was then. Upon understanding it, we agreed with the customers request to list this test our standard process. Until now, this customer has been working with YJ steadily.




Where would these used wafer frames/ring eventually go?


Some customers would recycle the wafer frames and then process them. As long as there is no quality problem with the products, they can be reused. YJ has undertaken the recycling process for many customers, which is done in the form of international cooperation. Even if you are in other countries, we can also provide you with cooperative proposals.



Some wafer frames will finally end up in the hands of the purchasers and then sold to the people who need them at a low price. As long as they are used in the production line without problems, it is indeed an excellent way to reduce costs. However, please do not ignore that when the purchasers recycle the used wafer frames, they also recycle them along with the products from many manufacturers. As the products made by each factory are still different in the details, they will allow the clients machines to make the wrong judgment and lead to the production line delayed.


After all, the ring of the used wafer frames may tend to leave with marks, different large and small scratches, rust and other surface defects during cutting.


More importantly, the manufacturer may suffer very serious unstable supply of the used wafer frames, making him unaware of where the next batch of products is made. It will cause people with bad intentions to raise the prices sharply.



The market is flooded with low-priced second-hand wafer ring/frame


It is evident for the suppliers to try their very best to win orders by using a low-price strategy. YJ once engaged with a refurbished cooperation in response to a customers request to use second-hand products due to cost consideration.


We started the formal collaboration after several tests. Everything went fine when the customers demand was stable, but the good times did not last long. The second-hand wafer frame supply from the purchaser began to become unstable, and the prices went up following the good demand. YJ was forced to absorb the cost.


We then negotiated with our customer that we would continue to work long-term by changing to use new wafer frames, but the prices would be higher than the refurbished second-hand rings. Unfortunately, the customer disagreed with YJs proposal eventually, forcing us to stop the cooperation.


Following that incident, YJ no longer likes to undertake the cooperative work of second-hand products. After all, as it is impossible for YJ to grasp hold of the supply quality, it is hard to control the product quality as well, leave alone to conduct a long-term cooperative relationship.


Now, whenever the customers target price is far below the range we can undertake, YJ will turn down the order. After all, as a manufacturer, product quality and stable supply are our most important persistence. Under this strategy, more and more customers are willing to cooperate with YJ. Some of the first-line manufacturers also adopt this cooperative pattern to deliver their goods to large customers.




AMKOR, ASE, SONY, TSMC, SanDisk, SPIL, Micro, and other clients


The manufacturing facility of  YJ is located in Taoyuan, an area in Taiwan with a sound manufacturing environment of the semiconductor industry. Under the continued investment of advanced processes and production capacity by Taiwans wafer foundries, the overall spending will continue to grow steadily.


Coupled with Taiwans accumulated investment over the years, it has become a place of strategic importance in the global semiconductor industry with advanced manufacturing and mass production capabilities.


For your company who treasures price factor and stable quality, YJ looks forward to hearing from you and proud to be your cordial partner.



Q : How does YJ solve the customer problems of wafer frames?

A : Based on our experience, each customer has his problems. Now, let’s talk about how YJ solves customer problems.

Q : Why do people like to purchase wafer frames from YJ?

A : It is because YJ focuses on four key factors of price, quality, delivery, and service.

Q : Why are our prices reasonable and competitive?

A : YJ has been focusing on manufacturing stainless steel related products and coordinating with long-term suppliers for a wide range of raw materials for more than 30 years. The number of customers we have accumulated over the years can naturally give us more advantageous prices about procurement.