Customized Stainless Steel Case Studies

Customer Stainless Steel Cases Sharing


Stainless steel mailbox

The old residential community tends to create lots of dilapidated mailboxes that are either without a door or a damaged push flap on the ion slot. So I was asked by the customers to take measurement to reconstruct the entire stainless steel mailboxes. That large community has a total of more than 500 mailboxes, including as many as 150 mailboxes on a wall. As the size of the overall wall-mounted mailboxes is too large, so it is important to take the sheet metal physical limitations and community circulation consideration. In addition, as some mailboxes are placed outside the building, so a flap has to be added on the ion slot of these mailboxes to prevent rainwater from wetting the letters during heavy rain.


Prior to installation, the wall material has to be taken account also to avoid damaging the wall during the installation process. These are small construction details and precautions that need to be discussed with the customer in advance.


Customized non-ferrous bundle ring

Pharmaceutical factories are mostly required to set up a clean room due to regulations, and naturally cannot do without stainless steel products. Recently, we received a customer inquiry asking for a large stainless steel ring for a fixed tank, which has a clamp to hold a small removable circular barrel. The material used should be 6mm-thick metal sheet with an anti-slip inner lining.

As we rarely use metal sheets of thickness 6mm, so we asked the vendor to help prepare the material. We lined the inner ring of the clamp with rubber to achieve an anti-slip effect, and to meet the customer need on the rubber specifications, we discussed with the rubber factory several times in order to satisfy the customer requirements. Finally, we came out with a split clamp with a flange on each split end fastened with two bolts, and a butterfly nut at the ring to secure the small barrel. We eventually received high acclaim from the customer with the product that is easy and convenient to use.


Customized stainless steel trash can

The Hemodialysis Center of hospital tends to discard lots of syringe needles and drugs. We received a call from a Head Nurse a while ago asking for a movable stainless steel trash bin that can be accommodated in a narrow walkway.


Among the requirements were a needle drop box, and spaces to discard sorted medical drugs and wastes, and many large bottles and cans. After taking the limited space and large discarded capacity consideration, our company came out with a semi-open trash cart with hooks on both sides to hang trash bags, a foot pedal to open a top lid, and an intimate push handle and wheels, thereby allowing it to be pushed around conveniently and preventing nurses to contact with the contaminants directly.


Customized stainless steel sink

Recently, I received a customer call requesting a stainless steel tray. As I was not in the office then, so I asked him to fax me a detailed drawing. As the hand-drawn diagram was somehow rough and unclear (as shown in the left diagram below), I was indeed unable to do anything. After discussing with the customer and realizing his needs, I drew another diagram with the help of my team and asked for the customer approval (as shown on the right diagram below).


I have encountered several such customers who could only give me a clear idea due to the absence of any physical references. The only way I can solve such problem is to listen to customer needs patiently and try to stand in the customer’s position. Only through effective communication can we finally reach a solution to benefit both sides.


Fashion stainless steel trash can

During a hot day where everywhere is being heated up, all we desire is a find a place to cool off with the air conditioners. During a windy and rainy day where we don’t have a mood to go out but feel bored at home, and yet yearn for a shelter with convenient parking facility, the best place is undoubtedly the shopping mall. 

Such public places with many people will naturally require trash bins to solve the generation of inevitable garbage. Prior to the inauguration of a shopping mall located in Taipei, I was invited to conduct a planning proposal on umbrella stands, stainless steel signboards, stainless steel collapsible fence posts, and stainless steel trash bins for the public spaces and toilets. So I drafted a plan on the allocation of trash bins for customer approval based on on-site circulation, garbage capacity and cleaning frequency.

On the day of inauguration, I was invited by the customer to pay a congratulation visit.The entire place has been value added tremendously due to the bright and spacious mall with modern decorations, plus the authentic trash bins designed by our company!