Stainless Steel 304 Ice Cube

Contents: Stainless steel Ice Cube *6、Stainless steel clip *1、Box *1
Weight: 243g ±3%
Manufacturing Date: January, 111
Unlimited validity period

【Ice Cube (Single)】
 Material: SUS 304 stainless steel, water, edible alcohol
 Size: 2.7×2.7×2.7 cm ±5%
 Weight: 30g ±5%/ piece
 Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
 Size: 12.5 cm ±5%
 Material: plastic
 Size: 16×11.5×3 cm ±5%


1. After washing, put the freezer of refrigerator.

2. Freezing about 2~5 hours or above before use. Frozen effect is best.

3. Add your drinks, and let it stand 10 minutes or more then using.

4.Wash again and keep in the freezer after used.



* 304 food grade stainless steel, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, permanent and durable

* Reusable, environmentally friendly, convenient, and maintain the flavor of drinks.

* Physical cooling, fast cooling, and persistent freezing.

* Smooth corners, safer to use.

* The Ice clip is attached in the package, which is convenient for use



1. washing it with neutral detergent before first time using is necessary

2. This product is a metal product, which cannot be placed in a microwave oven and other equipment for microwaving or heating.

3. keep products stay away from pets and children in a safer place, where they are unable to easily grab and see

4. If the item has been rusted or cracked, please stop using it