Wafer Frame/Ring-YJ Stainless

8 Inch Wafer Frames /Wafer Ring

Wafer Frame/Wafer Ring/Tape Frame
Wafer ring manufacturer in Taiwan.
Cooperation customers: Amkor, AES, SanDisk, TSMC, Sony.
We also provide customized wafer frame.
Polished surface and matte surface

About Jenyen's product introduction:https://www.jenyen.com/en/index.php?action=blog-detail&cid=77&id=31

SGS test report of Wafer Frame / Wafer Ring/Dicing Ring


Comparison table of different Wafer Frame / Wafer Ring/Dicing Ring



Wafer Frame / Wafer Ring/Dicing Ring Information


- In-line Wafer Handling

- Wafer Dicing

- Wafer Back Grinding

- Wafer Sorting

- Wafer / Die Pick & Place

- Wafer / Die Shipping


Surface Finish

1. Minot-like Polish(Mechanical High Polish)

2. Matte Potich

3. Electroless Nickel With Dispersed PTFE


Product Inspection


Our wafer frame will be tested thoroughly with a strict quality control system with inspection report.


1. Flatness

2. Size

3. Appearance

4. Blanking


Product Packaging


YJ Stainless Steel's Wafer Frames have packaging protection in each shipping box. We

make sure to avoid collision between the parts, and also provide desiccant to ensure that

the product will not rust during the transport.